Productivity meets simplicity.

Business processes are being overwhelmed by the complexities of adapting new technologies.

Cue makes it easy to embrace and adapt to your existing digital workflows and streamline the user journey.

See How!

Enter Cue

Whether you’re in customer service, technical support, or sales, Cue’s virtual overlay allows you to:


    Customize your engagement to ensure process consistency


    Create visual guides and prompts to simplify the user journey


    Connect multi-app workstreams to transfer data and share notes, references, and content effortlessly

Cue guides users to reduce training, improve compliance, and keep work flowing in harmony.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction

  • Improve training and onboarding
  • Enhance the work environment

Upsell & Cross Sell

  • Enabling you to react quickly with dynamic lookups
  • And shorten the sales cycle

Out of the box without any programming

Cue ensures consistency and process assurance within your organization.

It harmonizes human engagement and technology, resulting in dependable outcomes and a better customer journey.


Cue makes it easy to embrace and adapt to your existing digital workflows – strengthening compliance and streamlining the user journey.

Visual Referencing

Reshape engagements and simplify training with this powerful overlay by accurately referencing, annotating and sharing notes and content from any digital application.

Dynamic Data Transfer

You can now migrate and manage push/pull content from over 200+ applications and other data-centric systems, without any programming.

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