Reduce training and agent attrition in your contact center

  • We make success more effortless for your agents to achieve while improving your contact center’s overall performance.


Cue’s persistent engagement window…

– Guides agents through optimal customer engagements
– Allows for quick implementation of customer facing processes and policies
– Is setup at the department level eliminating IT resource requirements
– Enhances both the customer and agent experience

This helps with

– Significantly less AHT
– Shortening the time to productivity
– Lowering agent turnover
– Visualizing data to provide performance analytics

Enter Cue

  • We get different results because we solve a fundamentally different problem.

The stress on contact centers is endemic across the industry. Agents are stressed by performance anxiety associated with complex workflows and unattainable expectations while frustrating customers.

Less Clicking.
Better Focus.

Humanize the conversation for the agent by allowing them to connect and engage for better call outcomes.

Less Typing.
More Efficient.

Our push/pull autofill dynamically moves data wherever you need it to go, removing repetition and distractions.

Less Searching.
Shorter call times.

Provide your agents faster access to scripts, links, data, lists, facts, and forms to keep the calls on point.

True story

Nine out of ten contact centers are struggling with recruitment, training, and retention issues while spending too much time and money on tech solutions to simplify their workflow, making things more complicated for their agents.

How Cue Works

Whether for customer service, sales, or technical support, Cue provides a persistent engagement window that guides agents through optimal customer engagements.

Cue provides contact center managers the tools to quickly implement customer-facing processes and policies designed to enhance both the customer and agent experience through:

  • Flexible process automation (scripting, data capture and retrieval, system navigation, and more)
  • Direct access to knowledge management / live documentation
  • Guidance to enable the customer experience and legal compliance
  • Optimized, accurate data collection and retrieval
  • Workflow analysis across the agent pool

On average Cue has led to better call compliance, 5-star performance reporting, and an overall streamlined process producing powerful stats.

50% Decrease

in Training Times

28% Reduction

in Handle Times

21% Increase

in Outbound Conversions

Stop chasing the mythical agent desktop

Tailor your custom agent/customer journey, without tapping your technical resources.


Easy to implement, manage, and get results

Code-less, Connected,
& Customizable

  • Easy-to-Adopt, API integration, and Customer Care
  • Out-of-the-box with over 200 leading provider connectors

Agent Performance
& Retention

  • Improve training and onboarding
  • Mitigate agent turnover

Enhanced Call Success
& Customer Response

  • Enabling agents to react faster
  • Shorten call times with fewer escalations

Remember, if you want a different result,
you have to try a different approach.

Curious to see what Cue can do for you?

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