Productivity meets simplicity.


  • Makes call centers more productive
  • Empowers agents with confidence
  • Leaves customers more satisfied


Cue enhances while resolving your call center’s fragmented processes and workflow

  • Lowers call time-to-resolution, after-call work, and onboarding or training times.
  • Empowering agents to quickly access and share information while reducing data repetition.
  • Improving call flow, and humanizing the conversation for a smoother experience.

Enter Cue

Get the results you expect.

Whether your focus is customer service, technical support, or sales, our powerful overlay helps you build a better, and more unified agent ecosystem by providing them with the tools they need.


Scripting, dialogue flow, and answer branches – are all a part of the equation.

Efficiencies & Automation

Our “one-time data entry” feature pushes data and auto-fills wherever you need them to be

Visual Wayfinding

Cue takes you where you need to go with visual prompts and cues, whether to the next screen, workflow, or next system.

Built For Success

Provide your agents with faster access to queries, FAQs, and knowledge banks, keeping calls on-point.

A Numbers Game

Through performance reporting and streamlining processes, you’ll see an oversized return on your investment.

On average Cue has led to better call compliance, 5-star performance reporting, and an overall streamlined process producing powerful stats.

50% Decrease

in Training Times

28% Reduction

in Handle Times

21% Increase

in Outbound Conversions

Stop chasing the mythical agent desktop

Tailor your custom agent/customer journey, without tapping your technical resources.


Easy to implement, manage, and get results

Code-less, Connected,
& Customizable

  • Easy-to-Adopt, API integration, and Customer Care
  • Out-of-the-box with over 200 leading provider connectors

Agent Performance
& Retention

  • Improve training and onboarding
  • Mitigate agent turnover

Enhanced Call Success
& Customer Response

  • Enabling agents to react faster
  • Shorten call times with fewer escalations

Remember, if you want a different result,
you have to try a different approach.

Curious to see what Cue can do for you?

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