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Common Questions

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What metrics are you able to measure?

In addition to not interrupting any reporting you have in your current systems, Cue will also be able to tell you the top questions or objections reps are receiving, how much time is spent in each section of a process or script, and conversion rates. Cue will also track routes taken by users while using the extension on a per user basis.

If I have different processes for different teams or groups can I keep them separate.

Yes! You may assign users to different teams with different (or the same) workflows.

What kind of systems can you connect to?

Cue is compatible with any web based application or system.

I’m a BPO and have clients with different systems and processes, can I use Cue?

Yes! Cue’s “Alias” feature allows for a BPO to list all of their programs in one Cue instance. Assign each user to one or multiple programs.