Powerful collaboration begins now.

  • Curating Conversations
  • Dynamic Content Migration
  • Efficient Workflow & Sharing
  • Empowering Your Teams & Partners

Guided Engagement Cues

Make it easy to embrace and adapt to your existing digital workflows – strengthening process or script compliance and streamlining the user journey.

  • Enhance scripted flows, process steps and navigation
  • Strengthens script and process compliance
  • Knowledge guides that include FAQs and top lists
  • Smart scripting, including: “merge” fields, and links

Visual Referencing Cues

Reshape engagements and simplify training with this powerful overlay by accurately referencing, annotating and sharing notes and content from any digital application.

  • Powerful on-screen highlighting and annotating for any web page or app
  • Guide users through visual cues, creating a more efficient process
  • Dynamic form and field filling works seamlessly with other systems
  • No complicated API’s and no programming is required

Dynamic Data Transfer Cues

Migrate and manage push/pull data from any web based applications without any programming and in many cases without an API.

  • Provides powerful push/pull data to multiple backend systems
  • Seamless actionable and dynamic integration with your CRM, ERP, EMR, and more
  • Ideal for quoting, inventory, and real-time cross-selling functionality
  • Rich telephony integration: control inbound and outbound calling, screen pops, and call routing

Platform Administration

Cue enhances your process and workflow and synchronizes your teams with code-less administration with feature-rich functionality.


  • Create custom campaigns and dynamic script assignments.
  • Call routing rules and disposition and telephony integration.


  • Assign users to a team, by roles, job function or any other criteria.
  • Quick access to custom reports, performance auditing and reporting.


  • Create guided conversations and assign system navigation rules for users.
  • Customize auto feed responses to questions, objections and responses.

Connectors & API’s

  • Autofill any web based system or use our API to push content to your CRM.
  • Out of the box CRM integration with over 200+ leading providers

Smart Fields

  • Use smart fields to send or receive data to custom fields in your CRM or other tools.
  • Setup custom workflows to align with your requirements and without programming


  • Configure your users with essential administrative tasks, functionality and permissions.
  • Simplify and gamify your training process while improving the user experience.