Simplified for success.

Empowering your call center begins with removing the obstacles and distractions associated with onboarding, training, and general call mechanics.

Less Clicking.

Better Focus.

Our conversation cues humanize the agent’s call by allowing them to connect and engage for better call outcomes.

  • Easy to follow script flows and call navigation
  • Guided visuals and screen wayfinding removes distractions
  • Customers leave calls feeling valued and respected

Less Typing.

More Efficient.

Our automation cues eliminate redundant tasks for your agents. Enter data or content once and dynamically push right where you want it to go.

  • Provides powerful push/pull data to multiple backend systems
  • Ideal for quoting, inventory, and real-time cross-selling functionality
  • Control inbound and outbound calling, screen pops, and call routing

Less Searching.

Shorter Call Times.

Clarification cues provide your agents faster access to scripts, links, data, lists, facts, and forms to keep the calls on point.

  • No more excuses or putting customers on hold. Information when and where you need it.
  • Provide your teams with immediate support surrounding questions and objections.
  • You can jump to the exact information via search, improving call metrics.

Visualization Cues

Experience easier beginnings. Whether it’s engaging with a customer or onboarding a new team member – the Cue overlay leads the way with an intuitive follow guide so that everyone is checking boxes.

  • Fast on-screen highlighting and annotating for any web page or app
  • Steer your users with way finding that doesn’t require programming or APIs
  • Auto-populate form fields seamlessly with other systems

Optimization Cues

Through performance data and streamlining processes, you are able to identify efficiencies between your teams and their workflow.

  • Our empowering and customizable dashboard provides invaluable insights
  • Refine, pivot, or stay on course, you can now track between all your workflows
  • Fast visualizations allow for efficient communications and performance tracking

Hey agent supervisors and managers…
hold onto your hat.

With Cue, you can now transform your team by creating a custom call flow experience for your agents and customers with pinpoint control…without any involvement from IT. #wegotcha

Custom Campaigns

  • Dynamic script assignments
  • Call routing rules and disposition
  • Telephony integration

Assigning Teams

  • By roles, job function, or any other criteria
  • Quick access to custom reports
  • Performance auditing and reporting

Security & Compliance

  • Multi-layer Encryption & Authentication
  • Platform & SaaS Scalability
  • Data Disaster & Recovery Preparedness

Connectors & API’s

  • Autofill any web-based form, field, or system
  • Use our API to push content to any CRM
  • Out-of-the-box integration with over 200+ leading providers

Smart Fields

  • Send/receive data to custom fields to your CRM
  • Create workflows aligned with your requirements
  • Save time and duplication effort without programming


  • Configure essential admin tasks, functionality, and roles
  • Gamify your training or onboarding process
  • Improving the user experience, while mitigating agent stress