There’s Nothing to Worry About: Reduce Fear and Frustration for Your Reps

March 29, 2022

Sales, service, and support teams are on the frontlines navigating prospects and customers—at every stage of their journey with your organization. These teams are uniquely tasked with the responsibility of solving other people’s problems—with a product offering, troubleshooting, or other resolution.

The people on the other side of the phone are usually in the weeds trying to identify a solution. They might be frustrated, upset, or angry, and your reps have to navigate that while remaining professional and efficient.

When a frustrated or dissatisfied customer calls, the number one goal for the rep is to solve the problem. But nobody likes being berated or accused of doing a poor job. Our nerves can get the best of us when we are confronted with another person’s anger—even if it’s just on the other side of the phone.

No matter how much you reassure your teams there’s nothing to be worried about, it’s not directed at them, or this is a learning opportunity, the frustration and flustered feeling can still ripple out into the rest of their work. They might struggle with simple tasks or feel thrown off in other calls throughout the day. And the fear of making mistakes can lead to more mistakes.

Your agents sit through weeks or even months of training and nesting, yet there are still so many unknowns when they hit the floor. You can offer all the encouragement in the world, provide endless scripts and flowcharts, but you have to equip your reps with dynamic solutions in order to boost their confidence and help them navigate the fear of the unknown. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how often they say the right thing if they don’t know what to do next or possess the resources to guide their next step in the conversation.

With Cue, you can adapt your existing workflows to eliminate nesting mistakes, customize engagement and increase consistency, provide clarifications and visual prompts to simplify the journey for your agents—from increased one-call resolutions to reduced onboarding time and stronger compliance.

Putting the right tools in their hands helps your reps’ mental well-being and mindset at work, and ultimately improves CSAT and reduces turnover for your organization.

We’d love to know: What keeps your team up at night?

Talk to a rep today and learn how we can help you have more peace of mind, improve the customer experience, and give your agents confidence, no matter what’s thrown at them.