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Boost Productivity With These Tools

Time is money. Most of us have been hearing that longer than we can remember. And as we go about our jobs, we’re constantly figuring out how to make the most of the limited time we do have. Time management strategies, productivity apps, or spreadsheets might be a part of your process as you figure out how to boost productivity. 

Today there are countless apps and tools out there for computers and smartphones alike, and it can feel overwhelming to navigate them all. As you’re considering what might help you, think about your own needs. Do you need to-do list tracking? Maybe you’re looking for more robust-project management. Or perhaps you need something that helps centralize all of your files and information. Once you’ve figured out what you need, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your productivity and reducing stress.

Here are 4 apps that work for different members of our team:


Track the time you’re spending on projects and tasks. If you’re working on project-based work, have multiple clients, or even just wear a lot of hats in your role, Toggl is a great place to start. In order to improve your time management, you have to understand how you’re spending your time—and Toggl helps you do exactly that.


This project management app works by creating cards for each item that needs to be completed. Think of it like an online bulletin board. You can move items between “boards,” like To Do, In Progress, Completed, etc., and add attachments, keep comments threaded, and assign due dates—directly to the individual task or “card.” Trello is incredibly flexible and highly visual. Some users have even adapted it for personal projects, like family activities and wedding planning.


Where would we be without Slack? Instant, organized team communication is a must, and Slack makes it easy—no matter how big your organization is. Slack integrates with a variety of different apps so you can more easily centralize file storage, calendar management, and project management. 


We all struggle to remember passwords, especially when security measures require us to change them on a regular basis. LastPass uses multi-factor authentication and other features to  to manage all of your logins and keep your information secure. And you can use it across multiple devices. LastPass also has features to audit your passwords and help you create better and more secure passwords. 

What apps help you improve productivity and stay focused? We’d love to hear from you.

6 Blogs Every Sales Professional Should Read

We know, it probably doesn’t feel like reading a blog is the best way to help you meet your targets. Time scrolling or swiping through a blog is time you aren’t coaching your team or refining your sales strategy, reaching out to a prospect, or updating your framework for qualifying leads.

But whether you’re an executive, a sales manager, an account executive, or a customer success rep, gaining wisdom and insight from others can help you reach your goals more quickly and effectively.

Here are a few blogs we’re reading these days to help us learn new skills, stay motivated, and refine our strategies:

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is great for reps, managers, and executives in B2B organizations. Rich with everything from blog posts to ebooks, webinars, and more, there are options for a variety of learning styles to get the latest strategies. On this site, you’ll find an abundances of tips for everything from social selling and sales enablement to qualifying, prospecting, and calling.

Sales Benchmark Index

The content on this blog has one purpose—to help you meet and exceed your quotas. With insights, articles, and reports on diverse topics and a variety of industries, sales managers and leaders should bookmark and return to SBI frequently.

The Make It Happen Blog by John Barrows

Barrows write in an engaging and relatable way, peppering his blogs with interviews and stories from his days as a salesperson and current work as a sales trainer with top brands. The topics he covers include addressing and anticipating common objections, giving better presentations, and more. He also has a podcast, Make It Happen Mondays.

(Here are some of our favorite business and sales podcasts.)

The Sales Leader

The title gives away this blog’s target audience, but sales reps and other team members could also benefit from Colleen Francis’ insights on pipeline management, productivity, and other best practices. If you’re looking for direct, approachable, and actionable sales strategy, this one’s for you.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

An ever-increasing number of organizations are emphasizing social selling, and LinkedIn is often essential to a successful social selling strategy. Their blog provides the latest trends and techniques from experts in this transforming space, as well as basics for sales reps that are just getting started or implementing a new social selling strategy.

The Sales Blog

Anthony Iannarino, author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, updates his blog almost daily with insightful strategies and thought leadership content. Equal parts practical and motivational, his posts are easy to read and incorporate into a sales rep’s daily workflow.

How do you stay up to speed on the latest trends and insights?

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